Monday, April 30, 2018

Guide dog gives you dignity
Dignity. That's the conclusion of Lord David Blunkett, a peer of the British realm who recently held the cabinet post of Home Secretary. He is sight impaired.

Not long ago, Blunkett lost his guide dog to cancer and had to wait six months for a new one to complete its training. Those were six months Blunkett would hope never to repeat again.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Dogs at work are better for everyone
Spock is a 6-year old French bulldog who works at Ben & Jerry’s offices in Vermont. And apparently he loves it.

So does his human, Lindsay, who works there as well. Having dogs in the workplace is good for everyone, and now a lot of companies agree…


Can you guess a dog's breed from a photo?

Could this be some kind of terrier?
Scientists need your help. Animal behaviourists have a study underway to find out just how much of a dog's behaviour is a result of its genes, and how much is a result of its human's expectations.

Our expectations of our dogs, the thinking goes, is a result of what breed we think the dog is. And that's where you, the reader comes in...