You wouldn't want to leave me, would you?

Ski6 had terrible separation anxiety when we first took him home. He was fine as long as we were playing with him or taking him for a walk. But the first few nights he would cry and take forever to go to sleep. It wasn't until we learned from a dog-owning friend about the smelly T-shirt that things improved.

Yes, just wear a T-shirt to bed yourself for a few days until it gets nice and smelly. Then put that in with your dog at night and it works wonders. At least it did for us.

He still whines when we are leaving the house without him. But that's just because he wants to come. Ski6 likes nothing better than an adventure outdoors or on a car ride.
You wouldn't want to leave me, would you?

Now some dog owners are reporting that their dogs are experiencing separation anxiety when they go to work. These dogs have been experiencing a lot more together time since their humans have been working from home to avoid Covid-19. So apparently when the humans have to go back to work again, separation anxiety returns for their best friends.

No such problem for Ski6 yet. Neither of us has had to return to work so far. And when we do, we might just have to resort to that smelly T-shirt all over again.


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