I'm David Wallace Barr IV, a lover of all the fun things about dogs. This blog is just a record of some of my thoughts about dogs, the world of dogs and the world of humans who love dogs. And lately it has become mostly the blog of Ski6, his life and adventures.

But if you want to know more...

I am a writer, photographer and communicator with a long history of publication on a wide variety of subjects. I have been putting words to paper for decades. My education has included a bachelor of science in biology from the University of Toronto, a Ph.D. in the evolutionary biology of invertebrates from Cornell and a certificate in museum management from the University of California at Berkeley. I have spent many years engaging the public in museums and have lectured extensively at both university and college levels.

I have written over 80 publications. These include articles for national magazines, books on specialized topics in biology, museum gallery didactics and online courses. My writing has appeared in The Reader's Digest as well as Natural History magazine and the Canadian Audubon magazine. I've spoken about nature topics on radio and television and have produced over 100 videos for YouTube.

My work has included the development and management of websites and online database applications as well as online courses. As a life-long learner I'm a confirmed MOOC addict and have completed more than a dozen of them to date. I'm active in social media, with accounts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

As kids living in the country, my sister and I cared for 2 dogs, several cats, hamsters, pigeons, budgies, goldfish, goats and a pony. I've always loved dogs, and my wife Norma and I have recently found a rescue dog named Ski6, a dog we can cook for. He is the subject of a memoir entitled, '10 Big Things I Learned from A Small Dog.' I recently started to create a photographic record of the abundant dog life in the city where I now live, resulting in a fanciful and humorous book entitled, 'The Dog on the Street Says.'

Please see more of my publication history at: https://dbarrfolio.com/ and see a bit of my photography and graphic work at http://davebarr.info/


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